Roasted Chicken TWO ways


Recently I have been roasting a chicken for our Sunday lunch. I do love myself a good Sunday roast, but I wanted to change things up a little bit. Sometimes change is good. This is one of those times. I still needed to find a dish that I could put in the oven before church, take out of the oven when we walked in the door, and it would pretty immediately be ready to be consumed by hungry wolves or my family. Sometimes I’m confused with which is which on Sundays at high noon.

The roasted chicken has been so good that I have been trying a few new ways to cook a whole chicken. These are my two favorites so far. They are very similar recipes, just cooked differently to fit the different needs of our busy schedules.

Sunday Style Chicken

If Sunday mornings at your house are like mine, they involve lots to do and never enough time to do them. These things could include, but are not limited to: trying your best to make your hair look fabulous, dressing two kids up without any spills or spit ups before getting out the door, packing a sunday “quiet bag” for the kids, and cutting out the sunday school craft for the two year olds that you totally forgot about until just now. I need an easy dish that I can literally sling together, but that will be a really good tasting and healthy lunch to feed my family. This is it. You will need: A Dutch oven One whole Chicken Olive oil Salt and pepper One large sweet onion 6-8 carrots 1 small bag of potatoes (optional)


Remove innards of chicken. (Harvest Land already has theirs in a plastic bag. Simply remove the bag.) Rinse chicken and pat dry with a paper towel. Rub olive oil or melted coconut oil generously all over the skin and underneath the skin of the chicken breasts. Place in a Dutch Oven. Wash carrots and potatoes. Chop off ends of carrots and cut in half, making two carrot sticks, or three, depending on the size of the carrot. Quarter potatoes and onion. Place vegetables around the chicken in the dutch oven. Stuff the inside of your chicken with a large piece of the onion and a carrot. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.


Bake at 325* for 3-4 hours, depending on the size of your bird. The chicken is ready when your meat thermometer reads 160* when stuck in the innermost part of the thigh or when the juices run clear. That seems too easy and plain, doesn’t it? Oh my, it is so good! The chicken will literally fall apart and the vegetables will have slow cooked in all of the juices of the roasting chicken. It’s good stuff. And you can successfully complete the prepping of virtually your entire lunch in just a few minutes, maximizing your chances of being on time for Sunday school class with two kids and a successfully packed Sunday Morning style diaper bag. Does this scream, “WINNER!” to anyone else? Try it! This chicken was consumed so quickly that there was no time for picture taking. It was perfectly browned and crispy. Just trust me.

Weekday Chicken

(AKA Jamie Deen’s Sunday Chicken)

I just love cooking a whole chicken. Any day. Almost everyday of some weeks. Seriously. It’s a great economical choice and there are about 1,000 different things I can do with the leftovers for lunch the next day (or for soup for the next supper). I recently saw Jamie Deen roasting his in his Cast Iron skillet. Have I mentioned that I am obsessed with his latest cookbook? I found this recipe there and simplified it. Recently I find myself needing a little bit of “easy” in my life! Who’s with me?! Easy and good, so very good. It’s virtually the same recipe as above, but with a whole host of options for the veggies. He even suggests different vegetables for different seasons. I love it. On this Busy Monday I used: One whole chicken 1 Russet Potato 2 sweet potatoes 2 medium Parsnips 3 medium carrots olive oil salt and pepper

IMG_5390IMG_5295 Remove innards of chicken, wash, and pat dry.


Scrub, and chop veggies into 1 to 1 ½ in. pieces.



Toss vegetables in 3 tbsp of olive oil until they look glossy and place them in your large cast iron skillet. Generously rub olive oil all over your chicken, on top of and under the skin, then lay it on top of your vegetables. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.



Roast at 475* for 20 minutes or until chicken is nicely browned, then turn heat down to 400* and roast for another 60-75 minutes. *Tip: to make sure that the underside of your chicken is also crispy, you can place a roasting rack over your cast iron skillet and place the chicken on top of the rack.



When finished, place the chicken on a cutting board and carve. Serve the chicken with the roasted veggies and the pan juices. This is just such a great way to end a long day. Now, save your bones in a ziplock container to make your homemade, flu-bustin’ bone broth. Mine is simmering as I type this. Blog on that coming soon! Hope you enjoy! Love, Anna


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