Christmas List for the Kitchen


Merry Christmas from the Stephens Family!

Who doesn’t love Christmas? I love literally everything about it from the music, the traditions, the family time, remembering the birth of our Savior, and every other reason that you could possibly think up. I LOVE CHRISTMAS! And let’s be honest: the gift giving and gift receiving is super fun, too.. With Christmas right around the corner, I thought I would share some “Healthy Kitchen Tool Must Haves”, just in case any of you are deciding what to put on your Christmas list this year. I recently saw an ad that made fun of the fact that husbands/dads get their wives Christmas, Anniversary, and Mothers Day gifts that the women can use around the house. There was a day that I would have rather opened up a designer purse or an expensive piece of jewelry. But these days I’m honestly just as tickled to open up a new LeCreuset dutch oven or Dyson Ball Vaccum Cleaner. Seriously. Age is making me more practical, I suppose. I’m annoyed and a little sad that I just admitted that. But, who’s with me?! So, for all of you fellow practical ladies, here are some things to consider adding to that list, with some links to help your husband or whoever is doing the giving make the purchase.

1. Holland Grill

We use our gas grill almost daily. It is so easy to start, cooks our meats and vegetables evenly, and makes for hardly any clean up in the kitchen. (Holla!) There is a metal piece in between the flame and the grate, keeping the flame from directly hitting your meat and drying it out or charring it. This makes it so easy to grill fish and other delicate meats and vegetables. You can purchase these locally at Tyner Petrus or Golson’s on Cypress St. in West Monroe. There were only a few places online that have them in stock.

Maverick Holland Grill

Some of our friends bought the smaller version of this grill, intended for tailgating. It is the more affordable version and while it’s smaller, it cooks just the same!

2. Food Processor

Do I talk about this too much? I love the good old food processor and use it often. It surely makes life easier from everything from dicing, pureeing, grating,… the lost goes on and on. Get one!

7 cup Food Processor

11 cup Food Processor

3. Juicer

We love to juice!! And its so much easier than you think. We have always used this juicer, but there are so many to choose from. We use our juicer to juice fruits and vegetables as morning meal replacements, but also to make orange and apple juice for the kiddo. Also, we make homemade popsicles with juice from the juicer.

Jack Lalane Power Juicer

4. Dutch Oven

I use the dutch oven to roast a whole chicken, make a roast, soups, and more. The link I’ve provided is for cast iron dutch ovens that have a lifetime warranty.

Shop LeCreuset

5. Cookbooks.

Here are just a few of my favorites.

Jaime Deen’s Good Food

Weeknight Fresh and Fast

Cooking From the Farmers Market

Against All Grain: Meals Made Simple

6. Mini Chopper

AKA Slap Chop. Do y’all remember this commercial? So crazy! And I’m honestly not one for “As seen on TV” purchases, but I literally use the slap chop at least twice a week. Best way to mince garlic, in my opinion.

Mini Chopper

7. Fine Mesh Strainer

I really didn’t have one of these until recently. I use it to rinse quinoa and small amounts of fruits and veggies for snacks.

Fine Mesh Strainer

8. Dehydrator

Okay, this is actually on MY Christmas list this year. This is great for making fruit leathers for yourself or the kids, also for making your own jerkeys and dried fruit snacks.


9. Cast Iron Skillet

There was a time when I didn’t have one of these. You can get these pretty much anywhere from Walmart to your local hardware store. (Go to Tyner Petrus, Y’all!)

10. Cutest Measuring Cups of all time

Because every girl needs some pretty measuring cups.

Anthro Measuring Cups

Anthro Measuring Spoons

***** Kitchen Pretties*****

These are just some of the prettiest kitchen tools around. I think that loving your kitchen tools makes cooking more fun. Here are some of my favorites:

Prettiest Butter Dish That you Ever did See

If your pot holders look anything like mine, click here.

Aprons make you feel pretty

I could literally add at least 15 items to this list. Like a great knife set, a silpat mat, a stand mixer, I could go on for days. Maybe I will sometime soon, when I’m not needing to start on supper. Hope this list can give you some great ideas to put on your list to GIVE or to RECEIVE!

Merry Christmas, Ya’ll!! Now, cue the Pandora Christmas tunes!! 




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