Planning is Everything.

Aside from your overall commitment, Planning is the key to success in cooking healthy. For some reason, I found it to be the most challenging part. I think I’m starting to get the hang of it these days! Here a few quick tips for planning.

First. Pick out a super cute planner. Here are some that I just LOVE: (click on the links below)

Cute Planner on Amazon

The Planner that I use

Free Printable Planners

I plan out each meal for the week on my meal planner. I use this list to make my grocery list. Below is an example of my list. And I get almost every single thing on this list from good ole Walmart. Save Money. Live Better. For Real though.

IMG_5322 IMG_5324

Seriously though, these pictures were so much prettier on my camera. So, sorry about that! I picture Ree Drummond seeing these pictures on my blog and shaking her head and saying, “bless her heart”.

I try to use each ingredient in at least two meals. If I roast carrots for a side dish, I’ll use the rest of the bag of carrots in my chicken soup later in the week. I try to use whatever I have extra or leftover for lunches for the week. For example, if I buy a bag of sweet potatoes for a side dish, but I don’t need to use all of the sweet potatoes in the bag for that particular meal, I plan to use them for lunches throughout the week, or to make homemade sweet potato tots for the freezer. Or if I plan to roast a chicken, but know we won’t eat the whole thing, I plan to make chicken soup the following night. This allows us to save enough to be able to buy organic ingredients.

I shop weekly because organic fruits and vegetables don’t typically have a “shelf life” of longer than a week. Some people choose to shop biweekly and freeze their fruits and veggies. Also, there are frozen organic veggies in the freezer section!

I like to stick to this rule of thumb to make planning AND cooking easy during the week. If you don’t have a particular recipe in mind, you can do what  I do 80% of the time. I choose a meat and two or three vegetable sides to prepare for a meal. A favorite at our house is grilled chicken with broccoli, carrots, and a sweet potato. It’s just as easy, if not easier, than preparing a casserole or something like that. Plus, it’s the EASIEST way to keep your supper FRESH and HEALTHY (and delicious, of course). The possibilities are endless- more ideas to come on that for sure!


Doesn’t that look delicious? It really is so good. And so fresh. And so pretty sitting on that plate. And honestly, quite inexpensive if you plan it just right. I’ll blog that soon.

I hope this helps! Happy planning, Y’all!




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