First Things First: Deciding What to Change

First Things First: YOU have to decide what changes YOU want to make for YOUR family.

Keep in mind these are just the things I have read about and have decided for our family. As you will be able to tell with my explanation of each topic, I am in no way a nutritionist or a health coach! And I have lots more to learn! I’m just a mom on a mission to make better choices for my family. I encourage you to read and make your own choices based on what YOU think is right for yours!

I started here:


Organic fruits and vegetables contain less or none of the pesticides that nonorganic fruits and vegetables contain. The Organic Momma (Follow her on FaceBook!) recently shared a fact about apples stating that non-organic apples contain up to 47 pesticides! 6 of which are linked to causing Cancer. Here are a few other food-pesticide facts:

tomatos   choose Organic!

Buying Organic is much more expensive. Because of that, I like to follow that Dirty Dozen/ Clean fifteen list. The dirty dozen are the twelve fruits and vegetables that are most affected by pesticides. The clean fifteen are the ones that are least affected. I also purchase a larger quantity of the fruits and veggies on the clean fifteen than I do of the dirty dozen to make eating organic more affordable.

dirty dzn

Refined Sugar

I know this is a doozey with kids. Do I think Shep will never have any refined sugar? No. I know he will want a piece of birthday cake (which will also contain gluten. Ugh) at a birthday party one day. My goal is and has been to limit this greatly compared to the normal amounts of sugar we are exposed to. If I do make a GF treat that calls for sugar (Which is extremely rare these days) I like to use turbinado sugar, or even more rarely organic unrefined sugar.


I do see the argument that cows milk was created for cows and not for human consumption to make sense. I encourage you to read more on that as I need to myself! We don’t drink much milk as a family anyway, but do eat cheese and yogurt. We drink Grass Milk, which is milk produced from cows are fed grass. We eat organic cheese, and grass milk cheese (when we can afford it!). And we eat organic yogurt (Stonyfield Brand is Shep’s favorite!)


Occasionally Shep has an organic juice box, but we prefer for him to only have juice that we juice from our organic fruits and vegetables with our juicer. This is because all juices, even organic juices, contain lots of sugar. I read that kids that drink lots of juice are 4x more likely to have a weight problem as an adult.


Okay, so we don’t eat wheat (90/10: read below), but I do choose to feed our family organic brown rice and quinoa. If you haven’t tried quinoa, do! It’s our new favorite. I think ill blog it first! This is probably one of the least “studied” areas of my mission so far. More to come on that.


We eat organic, farm raised eggs from a local farmer often, but I always but organic eggs when purchasing at the store. (The taste is not comparable!!) We can rarely afford Grass Fed Beef, so we eat lots of venison (Okay, I feel silly even calling it that): Deer Meat!  We eat free-range chicken. Walmart has the most affordable free-range poultry. The Brand is Harvest Land. You’ll taste the difference!We only eat wild caught fish.

I may change my mind on some of these as I continue to research and learn how my family responds to these different choices. But this is where we are NOW.

This last big change, I don’t recommend for everyone. For me, this was a choice I made for the benefit of my husband and my kids. Jake has type-1 diabetes, which is an auto-immune disease. Our sweet babies are at a higher risk of developing this disease as it is considered genetic. If you have a history of auto-immune disease in your family, you may be interested to study up on that. I’ll post a couple of the articles I read below.

Gluten or No Gluten

I mentioned something about gluten-free to my sister in law and she said, “Anna. What is gluten? I mean, if none of us has a gluten allergy, what’s the issue?” My answer sounded something like the participants of Jimmy Kimmel pedestrian question “What is Gluten” interview. EMBARRASSING!

So i went home and read up:

Gluten is:

And I found lots of artiles about the benefits of going “gluten-free”. . Here is just two articles that prompted my consideration of researching and cutting out gluten for our family. (PS, Jake takes a whopping 1/4th of the insulin that he took before we made this change. PICTURE A BIG SMILEY FACED EMOJICON HERE)

None of us have technically a gluten allergy or intolerance, so we follow a 90/10 gluten free principle. This means that we eat zero gluten at home, but if we go to a friend’s house or party, we will allow shep to have a small treat or whatever. I have another friend that does it this way for her family and I am so glad that she shared it with me.

Again, take what you want and leave the rest! Research and make the BEST choices for YOUR FAMILY!

How to Plan, NEXT!




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